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    You should never underrate the importance of oil massage if you are so bothered about your health. Warm oil massage or abhyanga has huge importance in Ayurveda, one of the ancient forms of Indian medicine. ​Warm oil massage moisturises the skin and lubricates the joint to lend better skin health...
    The effect on the mind is relatively subtle because it helps to calm you down and slow down your breath. It is also known to improve the memory, boost your self-confidence, increase your intelligence and give you the confidence to start fresh. One of the most significant problems in today's world...
    Massage works wonders on the body and mind. Various types of oils are used in massage therapy. Some have aromas that are very useful both for the mind and body. The fragrance of essential oils like · ylang-ylang, · lemongrass, · lavender, · sandalwood, · eucalyptus among many other oils have many...
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