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Advantages Of Utilizing Massage Service In Trichy

Advantages Of Utilizing Massage Service In Trichy

You should never underrate the importance of oil massage if you are so bothered about your health. Warm oil massage or abhyanga has huge importance in Ayurveda, one of the ancient forms of Indian medicine. ​Warm oil massage moisturises the skin and lubricates the joint to lend better skin health and mobility. If you are very particular about receiving the best oil massage, you may approach any of the massage services in Trichy.

Oil massage eases the tension and stiffness in the muscles, thereby helping your body to achieve better relaxation. You may wonder why the warm oil used is used in Ayurvedic massage. When the oil is warm, it penetrates deep into the skin and produces a better result. If you undergo the abhyanga or warm oil massage regularly, you will see significant improvement in your digestion capability as well. If you are unable to visit a massage centre, you can give a self-massage in your home. Now let us provide some tips for self-massage.

Calm Environment

You may know how a typical or massage center looks. They have a neat and calm environment that gives you a kind of peace to your mind. Try to recreate such an atmosphere inside your home, while self-massage. This does not mean that you should do costly renovation work. Just turn on a dim light, light up few candles, close the doors to prevent outside noise and play some soothing music. This will create a calm environment that will make your self-massage experience so pleasurable.

Your Mindset

It is good to do the self-massage in the early morning before your bath. Keep your mind clear, peace and relaxed during the self-massage. Focus your mind on each stroke and experience the feel of massage to the depth. You should never do it as the sake of some ritual. You should do it with utmost love and care, like how a professional do in the massage parlour.

Selecting The Oil

There are many kinds of oil with various healing properties. You should have a few things in your mind when choosing the oil. Always choose an oil, which can be better absorbed by your skin. If you have dry skin, you may select heavy oil like almond, sesame and avocado. For sensitive skin, oils like sunflower, olive, coconut, ghee and castor. For oiling skin, oil with stimulating properties such as corn, flaxseed and canola works excellent.

Heating the Oil

You should heat the oil till it becomes gently warm. You can warm the oil transferring the content into the heat-withstanding glass jar or mason jar.

Allow the oil to penetrate

Don't take a bath as soon as you have applied the oil. Allow the oil to stay on the skin for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow the oil to get absorbed by the skin deep as much as possible. Moreover, the oil acts as a protective shield that will prevent the chemicals from getting absorbed by the body.

If you are so lazy or busy to perform self-massage, you can visit a professional massage center. There are centres, which offer oil massage for the body in Trichy. Expert massage therapist runs them and they charge reasonably.

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